100x longer than CERB, not a priority…

Disabled Emergency Relief Benefit
Disabled Emergency Retroactive Benefit
Disabled Everyday Recovery Benefit… There are many names…

It’s the Disabled community of Canada asking for help since the promise of the Canada Disability Benefit during the Throne Speech of September 23, 2020.

Despite the $600 one-time payment that only Disability Tax Credit (DTC) recipients got in 2021, since COVID19 there has been no federal action against cost of living increases for those with Disabilities outside of employment-related subsidies.

The Canada Disability Benefit (C22) that became law, is not expected to start helping them at last estimate until June 2025. However some language and analyses can lead you to believe it will start Jan 2024.

Read the official response by the government to the petitions e-4514 and e-4519. These responses send one message clearly, especially since they are nearly word for word the same, that the priority is not in relief now, but that they need it after their done negotiating.

The most recent PBO costing report shown below, estimated the Canada Disability Benefit would help AT LEAST 276,000 Canadians. We think the most recent petition makes sense. It costs money to fix poverty and waiting nearly 4 years is not the answer.

There is an ongoing petition for retroactive payments going back to when the Canada Disability Benefit had royal assent. Will you sign?

Thank you, and please remember to verify by email otherwise it doesn’t count.

Past Petitions


Initiated by Jeffrey Salisbury from London, Ontario.

Signatures collected: 3,247


Initiated by Jeffrey Salisbury from London, Ontario.

Signatures collected: 6,396


Initiated by Brenna Wilson from Waterloo, Ontario.

Signatures collected: 1,452


Initiated by Peter Vlaar from Kitchener, Ontario.

Signatures collected: 604


Our Commons
Parliamentary Petition
to the Government of Canada

Initiated by Mary-Jean Belanger from Chilliwack, British Columbia.

Asking for the Canada Disability Benefit to come into force within two weeks of approval of the petition.

Closes for Signature: February 29, 2024, at 3:16 p.m. (EDT)

MP: Mike Morrice

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