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The author of this website is not the origin of the DERB Petitions. Joseph (41) has been an avid Ally of the Disabled Community for years. Through his advocacy for Guaranteed Livable Basic Income, the Disabled Emergency Relief Benefit, Canada Disability Benefit and more he has dedicated his time to helping those without a voice. From days of volunteering in Youth Shelters, Facing homelessness several times through his life, spending part of which as a spouse on the Ontario Disability Support Program, decades of jobs such as Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Retail Management, and Staffing Co-Ordination in the Film & Television Gig Economy, this lived experience, although not disabled himself, gave a unique perspective.

To sit by and watch poverty unfold simply to save a buck, costs us $3 later on. Instead, investing in one’s infirm ensures they have value in the taxes they provide.

Joseph Vander Meer


Because I can help in a small way. By creating I am helping our community by having a point to which place short links across the internet that generate organic results. By sharing our links, you help to promote the cause without the fear of someone making a profit. I won’t place advertising here, I don’t sell information, and I have members of the Disabled Community watching my progress in the background.

Yes, I am in contact with both of the original authors of the petitions, as well as disclosed and offered the MP’s access to my project. Input about links offered here, as well as any kind of messages they want to place forth, will be done.

I have offered to turn over to the government upon legislation of DERB if they so choose, I have also offered access to the website to Mike Morrice and Bonita Zarillo’s office if they so choose. Transparency is key. Thought and dedication along with promotion of ideals worth living for, helps our community that is already shunned upon simply thought of as a tax burden, meanwhile millions of Canadians are destined to be part of these programs, most of which not of their free-will. Help today simply by signing the petitions, help a friend online through Mutual Aid, and stay positive. Much love. Joseph.

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