Disinformation & Misleading Sites

Thank you for visiting DERB.CA. Our goal here is to make sure you have an informed experience. Since the introduction of the Canada Disability Benefit, there has been websites popping up with misleading details. In the last few months there has been increased activity in regards to the Canada Disability Benefit and we’d like to help you by avoiding the bad details. So let’s break it down…

The Canada Disability Benefit does not have applications or a $300 amount

According to cwccareers.in which is registered in India, the Canada Disability Benefit has an open application process for a $300 benefit. This is false. The Canada Disability Benefit has not passed the regulations stage yet. You still have time to give your input.

Google News has been targeted a source to mislead you.

Many websites have started to use Google News as a means to mislead you. At first you see this and think it might be informative. However, once you click on the link you will be taken to a different website than advertised. It will give you some truth, but also some misleading details or charts like this to make you feel like your getting access to information while being inundated with advertisements to make them money.

Here is a list of websites we have found so far that you should use caution when disseminating information from. We’re not saying they don’t have any good information, we’re saying you need to be cautious and be informed.


There is no Application process yet. It has not been determined if the Canada Disability Tax Credit will be required. Your input into the regulation process is important as it may lead to Canada making a more robust and eligible program not just for you, but your children.

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